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You will find a variety of high-grade marijuana flowers with various levels of THC and combinations.

Buy sweet edibles such as chocolates or sour candies and gummy bears with indicated dosages of THC.

Get your hands on the purest cannabis concentrates in Canada. We carry brands such as Diamond & Cosmic Concentrates.

Find the most potent vapes on the Canadian market, including THC distillates, cartridges, sauces, and more.

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Enjoy our clean site with smooth processes for mail-order bud services. You can trust when ordering from Naked Cannabis that you will receive quality products that adhere to the highest standards in the industry. British Columbia is renowned for having the headiest nugs on the market, which is why we source all our cannabis products from local organic BC growers, including:

new products


Naked Cannabis is changing the way Canadians shop for cannabis online. We put YOU first by providing safe products from licensed BC growers, excellent customer service, and stress-free ordering.

Other dispensaries lack accountability of their product and customer experience because the primary way to accept cannabis payments online is through Interac e-Transfer. We have decided to make this a secondary payment option because we feel that customers should be able to purchase cannabis online without any payment restrictions and have the option to hold the dispensary accountable.

Buy Weed Online in Canada in 3 Simple Steps
    1. Choose the Cannabis Products You Want
    2. Pay with Credit or Debit Card or Interac e-Transfer
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    Yes. It is that easy. From the payment transaction to the packaging that encompasses your cannabis product, everything we do is done with complete user discretion in mind. If you want to know a little more about how buying weed online works, you can read our blog post, "How to Buy Weed Online in Canada: Everything You Need to Know" or check out the "How it Works" page.
Hassle-Free. Zero BS. No Strings Attached. Mail Order Bud.
Modern stoners have *high* (pun intended) expectations when it comes to buying weed online - and they should. Unfortunately, most online dispensaries in Canada fail shoppers when it comes to alternative payment options such as credit/debit card. We've peeled back the layers to build you a transparent online dispensary that's secure, and we've ticked the technology to make it easy to purchase cannabis products in Canada during our digital era.
Are you blazed? Ripped? Faded? Discombobulated?
It doesn't matter how baked you are, we make it so easy to buy weed online, you couldn't screw it up if you tried. So, take a rip off your bong or pass that blunt and keep your buzz going while you shop our selection of flowers, edibles, vapes, concentrates and CBD oil products in Canada.

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What Is a “Wake And Bake”?

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5 Creative Ways to Hide Weed Smell

5 Creative Ways to Hide Weed Smell

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What Is A Sploof and How Do You Make One?

What Is A Sploof and How Do You Make One?

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